Dance performance for four dancers.

Premiere: 28th May 2002, Kanonhallen, Copenhagen.

Nocturne is a dance ritual for a small tribe. A mutating stream of attraction and repulsion, shifting between intimate meetings and freezing solitude – a sombre love song for nightingales.

Nocturne is a composition of quartets, duets and solos enveloped within a 26 minutes raga for solo electric guitar.

Concept and direction: Anders Christiansen
Choreography: Anders Christiansen and the dancers
Dancers: Susanne Judson, Bo Madvig, Ole Birger Hansen, Jean Hugues Miredin
Music: Jørgen Teller
Set design: Nanna Arnfred
Costume design: Lise Klitten
Lighting design: Lars Egegaard Sørensen
Producer: Charlotte Rindom
PR: Henning Krog
Production: (stillleben)

Minimum stage measurements: 10 x 10 meter
Duration:29 minutter

Press quotes:
”In Nocturne four characters fight on the floor in a foggy nothingness to the shrill and beating dissonances of the music. The movements are bestial and vigilant – twisting and twitching the persons worm across the stage – with a sudden hint of tenderness when bodies are being squeezed, and faces come together in a sucking exploration of the skin. A dense and intense quartet.”
Henrik Lyding (Jyllands-Posten, 31st May 2002)

”It’s like watching fighting crabs on the Discovery Channel when Susanne Judson, Ole Birger Hansen, Bo Madvig and Jean Hugues Miredin, struggling in pairs, are united into headless quadruped animals, and there are powerful expressions in the stream of movements that alternately attracts and separates the dancers, ultimately leaving all of them alone in the nightmarish dark.”
Vibeke Wern (Berlingske Tidende, 30th May 2002)


”Dumb and scary the four creatures meet and separate. They are probably supposed to be dumbfounded humans, but they behave like dumb animals – judging from their slowness perhaps even slugs. In the large picture they seek each other at random, test each other, conquer each other, melt together and separate. Imagination has a lot of space here, and the sticky behaviour becomes scary and moving.”
Knud Cornelius (Frederiksborg Amts Avis, 30th May 2002)

Gran, Århus, 14-16 June 2002 (double programme with The Birthday Party).
Kanonhallen, Copenhagen, 28 May - 10 June 2002 (double programme with The Birthday Party).

Nocturne was produced with support from The Danish Arts Council, The State Arts Foundation, Århus Kommunes Fritids- og Kulturforvaltning


Photographs: Jens Bjerregaard
1 Ole Birger Hansen, Jean Hugues Miredin, Susanne Judson, Bo Madvig
2 Ole Birger Hansen, Jean Hugues Miredin, Bo Madvig, Susanne Judson
3 Susanne Judson, Bo Madvig
4 Susanne Judson, Ole Birger Hansen, Jean Hugues Miredin, Bo Madvig