Millennium Solo
Premiere: 29th April 1999, Kanonhallen, Copenhagen.

In Millennium Solo live performance is mixed with film and video. A powerful combination of dance, psalms, voodoo, baying dogs, jet planes taking off and a song by Edith Piaf. This solo was originally presented as a double programme together with En stor hvid hund (A Big White Dog).

Concept, choreography and dance: Anders Christiansen
Psalm performed live: Kingo - Far, verden, far vel
Taped music: Mon Dieu performed by Edith Piaf. Sound collage
Set design: Dorte Holbek
Costume design: Lise Klitten
Lighting design: Lars Egegaard Sørensen
Sound design: Wait Mattson and Anders Christiansen
Video: Mikal Bing
Producer / PR: Gerd Shottländer
Production: (stillleben)

Minimum stage measurements: 10 x 10 meter
Duration:45 minutter

Press quotes:

Singular courage.
“It is not a very confident picture of Millennium man which Anders Christiansen evokes in his inner flow. However, when you see this incredibly intense solo, you don't count A.C. as one of the damned. His innovative ability to explain his inner world is totally convincing. One is nothing short of spellbound by this generosity!“
Janus Kodal (Ekstra Bladet, 1st May 1999)

Great steps.
“The dancer Anders Christiansen has a formidable ability to create images with his precise, multilayered body-language, and his two new choreographies are a highwire act without a net, which brings Danish dance a big step forward. ...The grandmaster of minimalism, Anders Christiansen, is venturing right out to the edge with his highly visual solos in Kanonhallen. ...Anders Christiansen's ability to create images is formidable, like his precision in the suggestive, but apparently simple, body language.“
Charlotte Christensen (Information, 3rd May 1999)

“... on this outpost in physical art he (A.C.) is a convincing element, who gives all of the breathless Millennium-circus a hard kick with serious art. ...It is the burden of vanity that Anders Christiansen wants to discard, and he does it with his imagery which creates the same heart gripping inner strength as (the psalm writer) Kingo's religious practice of penance. ...Anders Christiansen's personal aesthetic yet again shows itself extremely capacious, even if its nature is to be cut to the bone.“ Ebbe Mørk (Politiken, 1st May 1999)

“In his Millennium Solo Anders Christiansen uses video projection and sound design of airplanes taking off as a traveller wearing a sleep mask, lies on a row of designer chairs. At one point the businessman thumps around a white duvet, folds it into human shape, attaches it to meat hooks and festoons it with barbed wire. In another sequence when blood drips onto Christiansen, the mask instantly transforms into a blindfold and the traveller becomes the 20th century victim.“
Adrienne Sichel (The Star, South Africa, 17th August 1999)


Dansk Danseplatform 2002 / Gran, Århus, 10 October 2002.
New Baltic Dance 2000 / Vilnius, Lithuania, 20 April 2000.
Sommerscene 99 - Nordic Solo Forum / Kanonhallen, Copenhagen, 4-5 August 1999.
Dansedage 99 / MBT-Scenen, Århus, 1-2 June 1999.
Teaterhuset, Odense, 28 May 1999.
Kanonhallen, Copenhagen, 29 April - 14 May 1999.

Millennium Solo was produced with support from The Danish Arts Council, Augustinus Fonden, Dansk Skuespillerforbunds blankbåndsmidler.


Photographs: Stuart McIntyre
In all pictures: Anders Christiansen