Premiere: 21st April 1998, Kampnagel, Hamburg.

TRUNK is inspired by the work of Francis Bacon. The solo is choreographed to Benjamin Britten's cello suite, performed live on stage.

Concept, choreography and dance: Anders Christiansen
Cellist: Berit Hessing
Music: Benjamin Britten, Cello suite No.1, op.72
Lightning design: Lars Egegaard Sørensen
Producer / PR: Gerd Shottländer
Production: (stillleben), KIT, Kanonhallen

Duration:30 minutter

Press quotes:
“Anders Christiansen stellt in seiner Solo-Arbeit TRUNK die Transformation des Körpers in den Mittelpunkt. Ein Mann liegt auf der Seite, die Arme hinter dem Rücken verschränkt, die Beine angewinkelt. Ein amputierter Torso, ein Bild, in das Christiansen seinen Körper immer wieder hineingleiten lässt, in dem er minutenlang verharrt. …TRUNK erinnert zuweilen an den Kammertanz der zwanziger Jahre, konsequent und hochkonzentriert, und setzt ein stilles Glanzlicht beim diesjährigen Festival.”
(Die Welt, Germany, 23rd april 1998)

“It’s as if the body is being played and plucked like the cello, angled across a chair like a distorted pieta, jolting pizzicato style or stretched immobile and horizontal on the ground like a string waiting to be played. …Intriguing, annoying and extremely well performed, TRUNK is likely to be just as controversial as a Bacon portrait.”
Marilyn Jenkins (The Citizen, South Africa, 30th September 1998)

“The expectations from the minuscule but high-powered audience of individualistic dancers and choreographers, and Nordic guests, to be totally challenged, were certainly met by Anders Christiansen’s TRUNK. Even without the benefit of the programme note, which states this “remembrance of the 20th century male body” was inspired by the paintings of Francis Bacon, Christiansen’s work is obsessively painterly. It cuts to the cortex of cadaverous reality.”
Adrienne Sichel (The Star, South Africa, 18th September 1998)

Dansstationen, Malmö, 1-2 December 1999.
Singler 99 / Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, 19-21 November 1999.
Festival de la Nouvelle Dance d'Uzès, Uzès, France, 20 June 1999.
Junge Hunde / Monty, Antwerp, Belgium, February 1999.
Arts Alive Festival / Dance Factory, Johannesburg, South Africa, 15-16 September 1998.
Art Genda 98 / Kilen, Stockholm, 8-9 May 1998.
Junge Hunde / Kanonhallen, Copenhagen, 30 April - 3 May 1998.
Junge Hunde / Kampnagel, Hamburg, 21-24 April 1998.

TRUNK was produced with support from Københavns Kommune and Kanonhallen.


Photographs: Sully Balmassière
In all images: Anders Christiansen